The dream scenario. A chance to ride mountain bikes and learn from a World Champion, multiple Olympians, several National Champions, and highly skilled coaches in a place renowned for it's miles of great single track, and amazing views. 

Welcome to the dream; the Rendezvous Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend, in Winter Park Colorado. A chance to learn from and ride with Alison Dunlap- 2001 World Mountain Bike Champion and 2 x Olympian, Ann Trombley- 2000 Olympian, Alison Powers- 5 x National Champion, Ruth Winder- 2016 Olympian, and Patricia Schwager- 6 x Swiss National Champion. These 5 former and current professional riders are joined by the dream team of coaches; Chris Bondus, Sarka Ruzickova Swenson, Steph Surch, and Jennifer Sharp.  

Sarka and Alison demonstrating Ready Position

Sarka and Alison demonstrating Ready Position

Over the course of the weekend, we'll spend ~5hrs working on mountain bike skills through various skill stations and trails. We'll dial in; body position, cornering, climbing, descending, and wheelies. 

After the skills have been taught, practiced, and mastered, it's time to ride. Breaking up into smaller groups, we'll aim for 10-25miles and enjoy all the trails that Winter Park as to offer. 

To make the dream even better- this entire event is only $20. A once in a lifetime opportunity to ride and learn from the highest level coaches, and athletes in a town that has over 300 miles of single track. To register and learn more, click here. 

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