Last weekend was ALP Cycles Racing's 3-day cyclocross training camp. We had 14 riders, one coach (Alison Powers), and utilized 4 different locations for specific skills and drills. 

Here's what we did:

Day 1 was based out of Specialized Boulder (thank you Specialized!). Using the pump track and cones, our morning session focused on body position and vision drills. We also dialed in our dismounts (right hand on the top tube before dismounting), remounts, and suit-casing the bike (elbow on the inside of the saddle). CX includes time off the bike with the occasional running and jumping, so we worked on agilities and foot work drills.  


Over lunch, we chit-chatted, bonded, discussed equipment, tires, and race day routine. 

Our afternoon session was all about grass and off-camber cornering. We practiced line selection, braking (or not), passing, vision (most important), and body position. Although everyone's legs were toasted by the end of the day, the stoke level about new skills and confidence was high. 


Day 2's morning focus was dirt, gravel, and loose corners. We did drills that show how balanced body position can lead to smooth and in-control cornering. More vision drills were brought into play, as were passing, and accelerating out of corner drills. Later in the morning, we worked on riding over logs and obsticals without having to dismount. 


Another team bonding lunch in which we discussed race schedule, team ride dates, and women's cycling.


Our afternoon session was all about putting it together. We set mini courses that included, sand, stairs, off-camber, and technical challenges. Thanks to a slashed tire, we also got a mini course in sealant, tubes, booting a tire (thank you $1), changing tires, etc. 

We ended day 2 blissfully cooked. 

Adventure ride was Day 3's focus. After 2 days of skills and drills, it was time to ride and enjoy our bikes. We did a 33 mile loop that included- singletrack, dirt roads, paved roads, 3500ft of climbing, a twice dented rim, and comfort zone removing challenges.

These 3 days of training camp were amazing. We bonded as a team, dialed in important skills before the season even starts, got 3 days of specific training, and have more confidence to excel this season. After some rest and recovery this week, we are ready to rock and roll. 

Thank you Coach Alison for your coaching and guidance, Specialized Boulder for hosting us, and Tin Shed Sports for taking care of our bikes and tires. 2018 CX season is going to be great!