Tomorrow, Saturday the 27th, is our second annual women’s Criterium Clinic at Specialized Boulder. Everything is lined up and ready (registration closes this evening, so if you want to join us, you’d better get on the list).

Topics that we will cover and teach;

  • Group riding skills- being able to ride in a group, follow wheels, find and stay in the draft, and hold position are very important in criterium racing. We’ll talk about protecting your “box”, practice riding closely to each other, how to move up the pack, where to look, etc.

  • Cornering- Criterium courses are small loops with multiple corners. Being able to corner with speed means you can save energy, hold position, and have a better chance at winning. We’ll work on body position, “fighting the forces”, leaning the bike, and vision.

  • Sprinting- Sprinting is much more than being born with fast twitch muscles. It’s a skill. Without this skill, you will not have criterium racing success. Sprinting comes in the form of attacks, following wheels, going for primes (we’ll teach you what a prime is), and the finish sprint.


Our skill blocks will be followed by a short class room discussion that will include preparing for a criterium (training and warm-up), race tactics (attacking, team work, racing to your strengths), the last lap (how to win the race), and the rules (the pit, mechanicals, categories).

ap tactics.jpg

We’ll finish the clinic with a few mock races to put into practice the skills and topics we used. Riding in a group, cornering at speed, sprinting, the pit, etc. It’ll be a jammed pack 3 hrs that will (hopefully) leave you more confident and excited to race.

If you plan to join us, please register, and arrive by 9:55am so you can check in, get a coffee, bathroom, and we can start promptly at 10am.

See you tomorrow!

kristie sprint.jpg

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