With our 5th annual Climbing Challenge starting next week (Thursday), we thought we’d share stats of past results. Each year, the feet climbed has gone up. Year 1, the winner achieved 16,000ft of climbing and last year, 26,000ft won the challenge. Lynne Anderson has won the past 3 years and, each year, she betters her previous year’s total. Can we get to 27,000 this year?

Doing hill repeats will get you the most bang for your buck in regards to feet climbed in the shortest amount of time. NCAR, Flagstaff, and Lookout Mountain are popular climbs to use for those on the Front Range.

Each total (except for years 1 and 2) includes the added 50ft per social media post that uses #alpclimbingchallenge.

Each year, we have had to DQ people who have gone over their allotted time for the Challenge.

Below are the top three results from the past 4 years of the Challenge.

Good luck to everyone participating in this year’s Challenge. It’s going to be a good one! To join, all you have to do is join our Climbing Challenge Strava group and we’ll do the math. https://www.strava.com/clubs/554322


1. Lynne Anderson 10h57 26’061ft
2. Andrea Buttine 10h27 22’970ft
3. Julie Hsu 9h56 17’392ft


1. Lynne Anderson 24'881ft (10h53)
2. Nina Donohue 22'432ft (10h19)
3. Rachel Plessing 20'520ft (9h55)


1. Lynne Anderson 10h 58min 23,051ft
2. Marisa Rorabaugh 9h 59min 22,494ft
3. Steve Harrop 10h 24min 21,548ft


1. Terry Petersen 10:20 hrs 16’673 ft
2. Abby Mickey 7:43 hrs 15’282 ft
3. Kathy Hix 10:41 hrs 14’081 ft