We are excited to announce the addition of a Cyclocross Women's Race team to our ALP Cycles arsenal.  ALP Cycles Racing is a women's race team based in Boulder, Colorado which augments individual professional coaching with race team techniques and camaraderie. By providing coached training rides and team races with team race strategy, ALP Cycles Racing hopes to change the way local race teams train and race. 

"Our road race team has been very successful. We now see a need (and desire) to create a Women's CX team as well", said team owner Alison Powers. 

Thanks to SnowyMountain Photography for the picture

Thanks to SnowyMountain Photography for the picture

Just like the road team, the CX team will have coached training and skills rides twice a month with an ALP Cycles Coaching coach. They will also have team races where they get the chance to pre ride the course, learn race strategy and skill, as a team, with a coach. A 3 day training camp late August/early September will kick off the season.

"Right now, we have 13 women committed to joining the team. For our first year, our team will be capped at 15 and we'll commit to 5 coached team races." Alison said. 

To help promote and give opportunity to the team and potential new riders, team sponsor Breakthrough Nutrition, makers of the team's NBS hydration and recovery products, has offered to sponsor a new rider by paying the team dues. 

"Our team is coach lead and organized. Riders pay team dues, agree to attend a pre-determined amount of team rides and races, and in return they will receive on-bike coaching every step of the way. A Coach will be on hand at every team ride and team race. The fact that NBS has offered to pay the team fee for one rider really opens the door to someone who maybe couldn't afford to be on the team. For us and the one lucky rider, NBS = opportunity." 

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The team kick off party will be at Tin Shed Sports in Nederland late July. If being on ALP Cycles Racing sparks your interest, shoot the team an email with your name, goals, and why you'd like to join the team (Alison@alpcyclescoaching.com).

Thank you to Breakthrough Nutrition and NBS Nutrition for their support and caring for women's bike racing at the local level. 

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