Our 2018 ALP Climbing Challenge is in the books! Below are the final standings after 4 days of climbing. Note that we added on the extra ft from the socialmedia posts. We also had a few people with over-time which resulted in DQ’s. Great work and impressive numbers by everyone! Especially given the fact that the weather wasn’t as warm& nice the last 4 days. We had more than 70 people join our Climbing Challenge Strava group which is a record. Congrats to everyone for all the climbing - keep up with all the riding! #alpclimbingchallenge

1 Lynne Anderson 10h57 26’061ft

2 Andrea Buttine 10h27 22’970ft

3 Julie Hsu 9h56 17’392ft

4 Jennifer MacDougall 10h55 15’244ft

5 Vale Boss 10h12 14’479ft

6 Alison Powers 6h55 12’771ft

7 Giueseppe Sarpietro 5h14 10’951ft

8 Dexter Hodgeman 9h57 10’427ft

9 Juan Carlos Perez 8h51 9995ft

10 Marco F. 8h47 7513ft