2018 ALP Climbing Challenge, day 3. Below are the standings after day 3 (files that are uploaded as of now). We have 1 more day of climbing left tomorrow. Don’t forget the time limits that we have set for the 4 days of climbing (10hrs in 4 days if you are under 30 years, 11.5 hrs if you are 31-49 year old and 11hrs if you are 50+ years old) Please upload all your files to Strava by tomorrow Sunday 5pm MST. #alpclimbingchallenge

1 Lynne Anderson 9h04 20’932ft

2 Andrea Buttine 7h00 15’354ft

3 Julie Hsu 7h48 13’674ft

4 Alison Powers 6h55 12’771ft

5 Jennifer MacDougall 8h42 12’166ft

6 Vale Boss 7h42 11’306ft

7 Giuseppe Sarpietro 5h14 10’951ft

8 Rachel Plessing 5h55 10’574ft

9 Tronel Guy 5h52 7143ft

10 Erica Brann 4h13 6099ft