2018 ALP Climbing Challenge, day 2. Below are the standings after day 2 (files that are uploaded as of now). Remember that your Strava account can’t be set as “private” otherwise we can’t track/ see your uploaded rides. 2 more days to go. Hopefully we see many of you tomorrow AM at our Arkansas Mountain ALP ride. We start in Boulder at 9am (meet in the Justice Center parking lot) #alpclimbingchallenge

1 Lynne Anderson 6h01 13’176ft

2 Giuseppe Sarpietro 5h14 10’951ft

3 Alison Powers 4h48 8660ft

4 Jennifer MacDougall 5h45 7402ft

5 Tronel Guy 5h52 7143ft

6 Vale Boss 3h40 5509ft

7 Marco F. 5h15 4783ft

8 Roberto Romagnoli 4h55 4095ft

9 Scott Baumfalk 5h32 3911ft

10 Dianne McNally 3h23 3776ft