The 2018 ALP Climbing Challenge has begun! Below are the standings after day 1 (files that are uploaded as of now). Remember you can still join and win, we have 3 days to go! #alpclimbingchallenge

1 Lynne Anderson 3h 6673ft

2 Vale Boss 3h40 5509ft

3 Giuseppe Sarpietro 2h01 4442ft

4 Jennifer MacDougall 3h32 4416ft

5 Alison Powers 2h24 4201ft

6 Marco F. 3h16 3215ft

7 Scott Baumfalk 2h30 2579ft

8 Roberto Romagnoli 3h19 2336ft

9 Tronel Guy 1h40 1903ft

10 Martine Demaria 2h44 1801ft