Other than taking over the world, our goal, here at ALP Cycles, is to build community. Through our coaches, our athletes, and our race team, we have a group of cyclists who enjoy learning, trying new things, being challenged, and most of all, enjoy riding and spending time with each other; Community. 

Over the past two weekends, we hosted 2 Mock CX races to prepare our ALP riders for CX Nationals in Reno that are happening this week. The CX season, here in Colorado, ended early December so our riders needed that race atmosphere and effort in their legs and mind to be 100% prepared to have a great race in Reno. 

MockCX people.jpg

Having a practice race with 5-6 people is one thing. Having a practice race with 12-15 racers is completely different and more race specific, so we opened the Mock Race invitation to anyone who wanted to come; CX racer, rider wanting a good workout, heckler, etc.

What we got was more than 25 eager riders. From Jr. racers to 60+ racers on mountain bikes, happy to "race", have fun, and dial in their race skills despite the chilly 14 degree temps.

mock cxourse.jpg

Originally, we had planned to do one Mock race, but the turn out for the first one was so good, that we decided to do a second race the following weekend.

More than 35 riders came for race weekend #2. It was amazing. The camaraderie, the good vibes, and the enjoyment of racing bikes with a group of like minded people was amazing. We had spectators, teammates cheering, hecklers, and family members supporting. This is bike racing in Colorado. Everyone was there to have a good time, get a great training day in, and be with people who wanted to do the same thing. 



As I type this, Colorado racers in Reno are waking up on race day and getting ready to kick Reno and all other states butt. Good luck! You are ready and you are prepared.