Everyone is always looking for that something that makes them just a little bit stronger and faster. Finding a good training group consisting of people that push you to your limits is just one of the many things you can do. This is one of my favorites. Finding the right group can take the mental strain off training and give you a physical boost. 


Just think about it! When you ride alone, do you really push yourself up and over the top of the climbs or do you just sit up? If you’ve got some fast wheels to follow, you might not even realize that you keep your power up just a bit more. Find people who challenge your weaknesses and strengths! Sprint for those city limit signs! Doing it in a friendly competitive group will help you from having to think too much about how hard you're working. 

The season is long, another reason group rides can be great is to keep things more fun. You'll have your really important interval days when looking at a power meter is needed but then you'll have your long endurance days. Go out with a group on those endurance days to keep things a little more fun. You won't notice the time as much when you're talking with a friend about the previous weekends race!  

Riding with others will help you feeling more comfortable in groups. We have so long between races sometimes, especially the winter, keep your pack skills up by group riding once or twice a week. Practice bumping with your training partners to really get comfortable. 


ALP Cycles racing is away at team camp this weekend and they’ll have the opportunity to experience this!