The 4 day ALP climbing challenge is done and we did the math! The final standings are posted below (this includes the additional ft from any socialmedia posts that were tagged with  #alpclimbingchallenge) We had 41 people that joined our Strava group for the climbing challenge. 24'881ft were reached to win the challenge (congrats to Lynne Anderson) We d'like to nominate Kate Hrubes for most inspiring, she did a ride with 90 hill repeats at 4am....Overall we saw a lot of very impressive numbers, congrats & great job to everyone that joined! Stay tuned for our KUHL-est photo winner....

ALP climbing challenge 2017 top ten:


1. Lynne Anderson 24'881ft (10h53)

2. Nina Donohue 22'432ft (10h19)

3. Rachel Plessing 20'520ft (9h55)

4. Terry Petersen 17'786ft (10h46)

5. Kate Hrubes 14'168ft (9h47)

6. Cory Popovich 13'878 (7h15)

7. Libby Russell 12'696ft (7h43)

8. Lily Williams 11'729ft (9h53)

9. Alison Powers 11'516ft (6h28)

10. Jae Meyer 10'775ft (6h50)