Our annual Climbing Challenge is off to an impressive start.  #ALPlete Steve Harrop is leading after day 1 with 5,061ft of climbing. However, he used up 2.5 hours of his allotted ride time for the 4 day challenge. As a reminder, there are time stipulations for the 4 days of climbing. If you are under the age of 30, you have 10 hours. Ages 31-49 10.5 hours; Ages 50+ 11 hours. 

The standings after day 1 are

Steve Harrop                    2h 38min              5061ft

Marisa Rorabaugh            2h 00min              4403ft

TP                                     2h 28min              4311ft

Tamira Jenlink                    1h 59min              4006ft

Cheryl Moffet                     2h 42min              3877ft

Alison Powers                     1h 35min              3251ft

Kathy Hix                            1h 59min              2697ft

Rachel Plessing                   1h 08min              2603ft

Libby Russell                        1h 18min              2167ft

Anna Levine                         1h 37min              2067ft

Jennifer Schumm                 2h 27min              2018ft

T gogo                                  1h 38min              1854ft

Erica Brann                           1h 27min              1503ft

Jennifer Sharp                       1h 51min              1171ft

Rumor has is it that 7,000ft of climbing was done yesterday in just under 3 hours- but has yet to be downloaded to Strava. The results after today, Day 2, should mix things up. 

Want to join in on the fun? It's not too late. The ride time hours can be completed any way you can make it work within the 4 days. Here's the link to join our Climbing Challenge - https://www.strava.com/clubs/226587 You must have an on-bike computer that has GPS and can be downloaded to Strava. 

Our Climbing Challenge ride is tomorrow, Saturday. If you are in the Boulder area, come join us! The ALP Ride will depart the Justice Center in Boulder at 9am. Be ready for ~3-4 hours ride time and 5,000ft of climbing. 

Here's to a great 3 more days!