As ALP coaches, we continually look for ways to make our ALP athletes (ALPletes) better, faster, and stronger. We want them to be the best they can possibly be. 

Personally, when I (Alison Powers) think back to my racing and training career, I wish I had known many of the things I now know as a coach. So, that lead me to think of ways we can teach our athletes this 'high performance'  knowledge so they can raise their game to the next level. With some brain storming we have come up with a new training/learning/teaching camp. The ALP Cycles High Performance Camp. 

What is a high performance camp? 

A long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) in Boulder, Colorado where we dial in bike fit, proper training and recovery methods, strength training form and exercises, determine weakness and start to fix those, and make sure each and every athelte is 100% prepared to kick ass in 2017. Oh, and we ride our bikes a fair amount too. 

Lined up for Camp is- 

-We will have a strength training (form and mobility) session at Revo in Boulder. 

-Each person will have a bike fit complete with EMG- electro myography (this determines what muscles are firing and which are not) at Revo. 

- A sports psychology talk about confidence and performance at the next level of competition

- A sports nutrition, recovery, and supplement talk

- On bike skills and drills

- Motor Pacing

- Technique training for sprinting, climbing, cornering, and descending

- Race tactics

- A presentation on speed and aerodynamics

- and more! It'll be a packed full 4 days.

Dates- October 20-23rd

Cost- $425 ($500 non-ALPlete)- covers bike fit, talks, on bike coaching and training, etc. Does not cover food, lodging, travel, etc.

This is a very small, hands on camp. We are limited to 8 riders. However, the presentations are open to anyone.  Here is the presentation schedule-

Thursday October 20th- 
10am Brian Bellfield- nutrition, supplements, taking care of the body
4pm- Alison Powers - The power of mental imagery and finding the Zone
Friday October 21st-
5:30pm- Julie Emmerman - Sports Psychology- Having Confidence on Race Day
Saturday October 22nd-
4:30pm- Ben Sharp- all about Power and Power Meters
Sunday October 23rd- 9am- Sean Madsen -What's holding you back? A look at the forces that prevent you from going fast.

All talks will be in Boulder and we have space for 3 people for each one. Cost is $20.

 If you are interested, let us know ASAP so we can save your spot. Email info AT alpcyclescoaching dot com