Written by ALP Cycles Coach, Jennifer Sharp

Permission granted. 

Permission granted. 

Yes, you read that right. You have our permission. 

Permission to do what? To do the thing you've been yearning for - to try cross for the first time, to step up your game to the next level, to get a big belt buckle, to chase your dreams. 

You have all the tools you need. DO IT! 

You have all the tools you need. DO IT! 


Why is it we seek permission to try something new?

"I have to check with my wife/husband/spouse/kids/coach/boss, etc..." But deep down we know that the permission we seek is staring us right back in the mirror: It's ultimately our decision to take the leap.

So - what are you waiting for permission for in order to strive toward your goals?

What if I want to zoom downhill and bomb that corner? DO IT.

What if I want to initiate an early race break to see if it sticks? DO IT.

What if I want to take my cycling to the next level and see how far I can go? DO IT.

What if I want to try a Red Hook fixie crit for the first time? DO IT.

Now that you've been granted permission, align yourself with positive, supportive people to encourage, push and hold you accountable . And if those goals are cycling centric - road, track, mountain bike, cross, fixie - give ALP Cycles Coaching a call. We can help. 

You have our permission.