We are excited to announce the addition of a Women's Race team to our ALP Cycles arsenal.  ALP Cycles Racing is a new women's race team based in Boulder, Colorado which augments individual professional coaching with race team techniques and camaraderie. By providing coached training rides and team races with team race strategy, ALP Cycles Racing hopes to change the way local race teams train and race. 

Former professional, multi time national champion, and ALP Cycles Coaching owner, Alison Powers aims to teach the sport of road racing to all abilities. "Bike racing is a team sport, and at the local level, that team work and team aspect of the sport is not being taught or executed", said Powers. "We'll have team rides twice a month with an ALP Cycles coach". This will allow the women to truly understand the depth and potential of being on a team. The team will work on refining techniques in the peloton, understanding individual and group attacks, when to chase, how to execute a leadout and other advanced race tactics.

In addition to coached training rides, the team will have have coached team races. Similar to a team at the professional level, these team races will have a director that will give course review, team strategy, and direction. Post race, there will be a team meeting to go over the race; what went well, what could be executed better, and goals for the next race. 

"My goal for ALP Cycles Racing is to really teach women how to race their bikes. Too many riders arrive at national level races and don't know proper race tactics or how to set up a teammate to win the race", said Powers. 

ALP Cycles Racing will be supported by Pactimo for clothing and race kits. Starfire Farm is providing funding to pay for the coaching staff and travel expenses. Tin Shed Sports will make sure the team's equipment is in good race condition. Breakthrough Nutrition will take care of the team's hydration needs. And, through Grassroots pricing, from Specialized, the team has access to the highest level of bike racing and riding equipment. 

"This team is something I have wanted to create for several years. I'm really excited to share not only my knowledge of the sport and how to win races, but all 4 ALP Cycles coaches knowledge."



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