Curious how much you need to climb today, the last day of the challenge?

After three days of riding and climbing, here are the top 5. Note- as of calculation time, not everyone had uploaded their Saturday ride. 

1.  Marisa Rorabaugh                 8h 02min       18,111ft

2. Nina Donohue                        9h 11min         16,771ft    

3. TP                                           9h 00min       15,187ft        

4. Steve Harrop                          7h 16min        14,802ft       

5. Alison Powers                       7h 18min            13,517ft   


The final Cimbing Challenge results and calculations will take place Monday morning. That's tomorrow. Make sure to have all your data uploaded to Strava by this evening. 

Remember- total ride time is what counts. Your on bike computer can not be turned off during the ride. Climbing AND descending is what counts. 

Happy riding and thank you to everyone who is participating!