On Thursday, the famous Mt Lemmon stood on our program. The ride from our condo’s to the top and back home was 77mi. However, 25mi of it was a consistant climb up Mount Lemmon to 8,000ft. This means it was a very solid-climbing ride. We rode in 2 groups to the base of Mount Lemmon and from there everyone went their own pace.



One of our follow cars was placed midway up the climb to make sure everyone had enough water and food for the hard ride. The other car was parked on top, so everyone had warm clothing for the long descent back into town.


As a reward, we made a visit in the cookie-shack before descending back down to Tucson. We all made it back home safe and sound and everyone was tired but happy. Next up for Friday is a rest day, which is very welcome after having 4 days of good training.




Before dinner we had a coaching discussion and talked about on bike hydration, nutrition, and strategies for women on how to deal with training and racing during their menstrual cycle.