3 airport pick-ups, 2 bike rides, 1 trip to the local bike shop, 1 welcome to camp talk, and dinner prepared by Chef Patricia. It was a full day but we got off on the right foot.

The first group of riders were treated to a 90min rolling ride to get their travels legs open and feeling good. The second ride was 60 min and included a few climbing skills- climbing in and out of the saddle. 

During the welcome talk, Alison told the campers what to expect for the week, what the goal of camp is (to make each and every person a better bike rider and bike racer), how those goals would be accomplished, and what is expected of the riders at camp- be on time, be prepared, be open minded, and be ready to work hard. 

Everyone is looking forward to another great 6 days in Tucson. Training camp has begin!