2019 ALP Climbing Challenge, day 3. Yesterday made for a snowy and COLD ride for folks based in Colorado (and East Coast!). A few riders braved it out in the cold- way to go! Below are the standings after day 3 (files that are uploaded as of now). Remember that your Strava account can’t be set as “private” otherwise we can’t track/ see your uploaded rides. 2 more days to go ride your hearts out! Hopefully we see many of you Sunday AM at our open ALP ride! We start in Boulder at 9am (meet in the Justice Center parking lot) #alpclimbingchallenge

1.) Defending champion, Lynne Anderson @ 12,061 FT in 5hr 35min

2.) Alison Powers @ 8,282 FT in 4hr 31min

3.) Erica Brann @ 4,767 FT in 2hr 58min

4.) Libby Russell @3,565 FT @ 2hr 03min

5.) Rachel Plessing @2,848 FT1 hr 28min

6.) Jessica Meyer @2,272 FT @ 1hr 30min


We’ll give this backpack to the rider who climbs the most this weekend. Good luck and go big!