The 2019 ALP Climbing Challenge has begun! Below are the standings after day 1 (files that are uploaded as of now).

Remember: your Strava account can’t be set as “private” otherwise we can’t track/ see your uploaded rides.

You can still join and win, we have 4 days to go! Add our hashtag to your social media posts to earn 50feet (per post). #alpclimbingchallenge. Also remember to keep posts public to be accounted for (at the end of challenge).

1.) Lynne Anderson @ 3h17 w/ 7051 ft

2.) Alison Powers @ 2h53 w/ 5151 ft

3.) Libby Russell @ 2h03 w/ 3565 ft

4.) Erica Brann @ 1h57 w/ 3123 ft

5.) Rachel Plessing @ 1h25 w/ 2849 ft

6.) Jessica Meyer @ 1h30 w/ 2172 ft